Kunsh Technologies is an end-to-end web design and development company. Our team includes software architects, web developers and designers, and graphic design staff. We have experience in handling small to large web design and development project for global clients.

We understand the client’s business, competition, services and products profile, then provide custom and affordable web design an development solutions. Each client engagement means to achieve complete value for money spent, with a variety of functions and functionalities making the website robust and dynamic.

Kunsh Technologies leverages on latest and innovative technologies: proprietary as well as the open-source ones. Depending on your budget and target audience, we offer the right mix of technologies. Each web design and development for businesses across different sectors takes into consideration factors like compatibility across multiple instruments and interfaces viz desk top, lap top, smart phones and tablet PCs.

If your choice is for a static website, or dynamic website, we can offer you the one best and comprehensive solution, within far lesser turnaround times. We ensure that the right web technologies are used, to provide you optimized and visually appealing web presence. We deploy some of the latest web applications such as HTML5, CSS3 and technologies like Cake PHP, JAVA, and AJAX.

About us

If it is bespoke web design and robust web development, it should definitely be Kunsh Technologies only. We are a web design and development company that made a mark with appealing designs and innovative web technologies. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Kunsh Technologies understands customer’s expectations of online business, and offer matching and niche web development services.

With increased use of mobile and smart interfaces (smart phones/touch screens), there is need to take websites from the predominance of desktop and laptop visibility, to greatly responsive interfaces. To achieve responsive sites, and help clients to leverage on the benefits of mobile web, we leverage on the latest web design tool, HTML5. This design tool/application has made it easy for us to accelerate creativity and build visually appealing websites, compatible with the smart or mobile interface.

Content Management Systems have changed the way website content is modified, and web changes are accommodated almost instantly. We leverage on the power of CSS2 to build client-friendly and user-based websites. What is really remarkable about our websites built on CSS2 is that, each one presents stunning features and functionalities, and provides for easy uploading of the content.

When it comes to offering convenience and comfort to our clients, we have no second thoughts in giving them the best and easy-to-operate web development features and functionalities. We leverage on the effectiveness of Ajax, and PHP to build dynamic websites. We equally leverage on latest scripting languages such as Java Scripts, and JSON Plug-ins for jQUERY.


Web Development

Kunsh Technologies is a pioneer in innovative and affordable web development services. We leverage on the power of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create full-fledged web apps, that are as capable as desktop apps. Beneficially, we ensure that our clients keep pace with the fast changes coming in web development, and gain from multiple web features and functionalities.

Kunsh Technologies is a pioneer in innovative and affordable web development services. We leverage on the power of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create full-fledged web apps, that are as capable as desktop apps. Beneficially, we ensure that our clients keep pace with the fast changes coming in web development, and gain from multiple web features and functionalities.

At Kunsh Technologies, we believe in according each client, performance, reliability and scalability. This we could achieve by developing websites based on JavaScript and CSS. Our web development endeavors focus equally on dynamic websites as well as responsive sites that are built for mobile devices like the smart phones and tablet PCs.

Our web development team brings to each project engagement a combination of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Potentially, HTML5 helps us to build fascinating websites and apps that can run across various browsers.

By leveraging on HTML5, we aim to achieve the following:

  • Cross browser support
  • Enhanced features compare to previous versions of HTML
  • Improved interaction between contents in dynamic sites and the users
  • Simple and cleaner codes and better storage
  • Improved security and secure web application
  • Code can be ported to multiple platforms
  • Excellent user navigation

Our portfolio of website development services includes:

  • Feature rich website development with CSS3 and HTML5
  • Mobile website development based on HTML5
  • HTML5 Plug-in Development
  • HTML5 E-Commerce Development
  • Migration to HTML5 from Flash services

Web Design

Kunsh Technologies understands the importance of custom design for an online business, as design is the key to create the right impression of the company. Our team of web designers and creative personnel offer robust, professional, and user-friendly website design services.

We aim and ensure that each website design is visually appealing, and engaging, and ensures that it helps in higher conversion rates. Our team of experienced professional web designers leverage on the innovate technologies to design websites that truly represent each company's corporate identity, products, and services.

We understand that, distinction of a business is in the difference it makes and presents. Once online, a business needs to present itself in the right design. Each website's design should be unique, compelling, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing.

With the rise in the number of mobile phone users, there is greater need for developing designs specific and compatible with responsive sites. Kunsh Technologies offers the following web design services.

  • Custom Website design
  • Website re-design
  • E-commerce web design
  • Corporate website design
  • Responsive website design
  • Graphics design
  • Content Management Systems
  • Mobile website design
  • Mobile device apps

Scripting Competency

Object Oriented Programming Structures (OOPS)
Our team leverages on Oops to achieve reusability, reduced complexity of the problem, and easy maintenance and upgrading the objects, and ease of modifications.

Cake PHP
Cake PHP helps in better and effective web development. It is an open source framework available for PHP web development. We leverage on CakePHP when it comes to large-scale web applications. It saves our developer's time by allowing for reuse of the previously created encoding.

A PHP driven framework that includes libraries, helpers, plug-ins and resources. It simplifies the PHP syntax, and streamlines the code underlying the web pages. We leverage on CodeIgniter to make websites impulsive, synergistic, interactive and professional. It helps in making PHP coding simple, quick and user-friendly.

Action Scripts
The chief benefit of action scripting is that, once the developer has created an Action in an Action Script, he can always go back and edit the Action in the same prompted environment.

We leverage on Ajax to achieve better interactivity and easy navigation to users, and does away with reloading of pages with dynamic content.

Java Scripts
We leverage on Java Scripts to create dynamic web pages. Basically, we leverage on Java to improve the website’s functionality. As it is used on the client side, there is no strain on the web server.

As an alternative to Extensible Markup language (XML), we leverage on Json. It is compact and can be easily loaded in JavaScript.

Jquery Plugins
We leverage on Jquery Plugins for its portability, abstraction, and time.

Jquery UI      
JQuery UI stands out as a means for creating interesting user interfaces that work well across platforms and browsers


War of the world record

Our team, being blessed abundantly with world recognized talent, has reached new horizons and is in the air across the world. Having our lions girt about to make sure that no other talent should be deprived of the recognition it deserves and to ascribe peak popularity, this titanic project has been embarked. With profound knowledge and experience as participants and judges in the plethora of world records, this mammoth project of making the world records taste the ever possible success it deserves, is set out.

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KVN Dance & Fitness Studio

After winning the reality dance show “CHALLENGE” Season-1 grand finale, the most exquisite dancing sensation kevyn received a great reward, the most unforgettable appreciation, the standing ovation by the entire auditorium for his outstanding performance.

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Avalon Beauty College

The Best in Beauty and Nail Training Avalon Beauty College offer you the very best in beauty and nail training via college attended courses, online face2face learning or external courses. Our training is about giving you results, it gives you the opportunity to gather knowledge and move forward to create a wonderful career in the beauty industry.

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Apse Design

Apse Offer its Client with Candid, Factual & Unbiased Service on full range of Residential, Interior Design, Space Planning & Project Co-Ordination Services.

APSE Expertise & acquired through years of dedicated services which lies in comprehensive knowledge of both the challenges & emerging trends among ever demanding customers.

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Priority one Plumbing Services

At Priority One Plumbing Services, It’s our job to fix and install everything in plumbing. We offer all plumbing services across all of CANBERRA. We also offer expert consultation in plumbing and make best recommendations, so that you save more money in future.

At Priority One Plumbing, We earned invaluable experience and hundreds of satisfied customers in plumbing services for well over two decades!

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